Project Sampler

The following summarizes a few of my projects. More project site photos and descriptions can be found by selecting a location from the bottom menu. 

Petra World Heritage Site, Jordan

Team Leader for Petra based collaborative projects including the Operational Priorities Plan, the Petra Trails Plan, the Petra Conservation Action Plan, Archaeological Research and Excavation Regulatory Guidelines and the Beidha Visitor Interpretation Plan. Work is ongoing in 2018, having been associated with the Chemonics / USAID Building Economic Sustainability Through Tourism Project in partnership with the Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority and others for a decade. 


Bagan Region Villages, Mandalay Division, Myanmar

Team member in the Community Development and Income Generation Programs Project for 5 villages in the Bagan / Nyaung U District. The study defines strategies for economic development, community resilience and shared stewardship of cultural heritage resources. Undertaken with G. Hirata + Associates for the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction with the Asian Development Bank, in partnership with Myanmar's Ministry of Cooperatives and Mandalay Division authorities. 


The Amman Citadel Urban Historic Park, Jordan

Team Leader for planning and development work to transform a downtown archaeological site into a renown national attraction. This included completing the country's first participatory Site Conservation and Management Plan, and directing the Citadel Visitor Improvement Project. The site improvements recovered parts of the site's significance and introduced pathways, signage, a visitor arrival and amenities gateway, lighting, parking and event staging areas. Undertaken from 2007-2010 with Chemonics / USAID Siyaha Tourism Development Project, Greater Amman Municipality, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the Department of Antiquities. 


Natural + Cultural Heritage Sites, West Bank, Palestine

The Lead Sites consultant for the Heritage Sites Tourism Appraisal as a part of the Guide for Site Development in the West Bank, centred on assessing natural and cultural sites for readiness, value chain potential and competitive impacts of business environment reform. Field work was conducted in 2012-2013 with DAI / USAID Compete Project in partnership with the National Tourism Working Group and the Ministry of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. 


Jerash / Gerasa Archaeological Site, Jordan

Team Leader and site implementation advisor for the Visitor Presentation and Site Improvement Plan, and the site's Standard Operating Procedures. Plans included the revitalization of the Visitor Centre, changes in site pathways, introduction of interpretive signage and integration of restoration work to the built and natural heritage. Undertaken as part of the Chemonics / USAID Siyaha Tourism Development Project in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, and the Department of Antiquities. 


Marrakech Medina, Urban Conservation, Morocco

Team Leader for the Urban Conservation Strategy and its implementation. Project design and execution of conservation / rehabilitation of medina sites forming the stimuli for local urban revitalization initiatives. Work undertaken from 2000-2004 whilst ARCH Foundation's Conservation Director, with diverse local and international partners.